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Why choose a Pediatric Dentist for your child?

Dr. Rubin and Dr. Sentelle take a moment to explain the differences between a pediatric dentist and a general dentist, and talk about what makes Frisco Kid’s Dentistry unique:

Why choose a Pediatric Dentist for your child?

Parents have a choice when selecting the right Dental Home for their family… so what makes us different?

Frisco Kid’s Dentistry is a pediatric dental office. Dr. Rubin and Dr. Sentelle are both Board Certified Pediatric Dentists. That means they have completed 4 years college, 4 years of dental school, AND have an additional 2 years of specialty training in Pediatrics. This intensive pediatric dental training includes:

  • sedation dentistry to make young patients feel comfortable and safe,
  • childhood development and growth issues relating to the mouth, jaw, face, and head, and recognizing conditions that may require orthodontic care,
  • treatment of children with special needs, and
  • child psychology to provide dental care in the least traumatic, most child-friendly and sensitive way possible.

Plus both doctors are certified with the Academy of Laser Dentistry for Tongue Tie and Lip Tie infant and children Frenectomy procedures to solve feeding and/or speech issues.

Pediatric Dentist Frisco Kids Dentistry - working
Pediatric Dentist Lonestar Kid's Dentistry - after cleaning

We’re equivalent to the pediatricians in the medical world… we’re the pediatricians in the dental world. We only treat kiddos!

Benefits of Choosing a Pediatric Dentist

The bottom line… children have very different dental needs than adults! Our pediatric dentists are highly trained and uniquely qualified to prevent and treat children’s dental problems from birth through adolescence. Our goal is to educate both parents and patients to create life-long, positive dental habits. We offer:

  • a nurturing temperament: We enjoy working with kids every day! We understand how to make kids feel comfortable and how to explain procedures and oral care in a way that they can understand.
  • a motivated and inspiring team: Our team of deputies works tirelessly to make each dental visit – from start to finish – the most positive experience possible!
  • individualized, tailored care: We often work with pediatricians, other physicians, and other dental specialists in order to best provide the total health care necessary for the development of a child.
  • specialized pediatric equipment: We strive to maintain the most current techniques in dentistry and in safety. We have smaller equipment designed for children, due to the size of their mouths and the fragile nature of their primary teeth.
  • in-office sedation and hospital affiliations: We offer sedation services including oral conscious sedation, IV sedation, and hospital sedation with privileges at Children’s Health should the need arise.
  • treatment for special needs children: We provide routine dental care for children with autism, Down Syndrome, developmental delays, cerebral palsy, behavioral disorders, brain injuries, and other similar conditions. Our office is designed to be physically accessible for all patients.
  • a kid-friendly environment: Our western themed office is designed to make your child’s dental visit feel unique and fun. We encourage you to take a virtual tour of Frisco Kid’s Dentistry or make an appointment to take an actual office tour and chat with one of our friendly deputies to get your questions answered.

Pediatric Dental Services

While general dentists do offer many similar services, a pediatric dentist is specially trained to diagnose, treat, and manage the following conditions particular to children:

  • Repairing dental caries (cavities)
  • Counseling for habits that may affect teeth, such as pacifier use or thumb sucking
  • Diagnosing and treating developmental problems with teeth
  • Assessing improper bite and other orthodontic concerns
  • Providing sports mouth guards to prevent dental injuries
  • Diagnosing and treating pediatric periodontal disease
  • Diagnosing and managing oral conditions that can present in association with childhood diabetes, ADHD, asthma, and other medical issues
  • Providing care for dental trauma in children or injuries, such as broken, knocked out, or fractured teeth

It is typically recommended to begin seeing a pediatric dentist for an initial exam when their first tooth appears, or by his or her first birthday, and continuing every 6 months into adulthood. As part your child’s routine dental cleaning and checkup, Drs. Rubin and Sentelle will also evaluate how your child’s teeth and jaws are developing. They will also teach you, and your child, proper methods of preventive care to encourage a lifetime of good dental health.

Everyone at Frisco Kid’s Dentistry is committed to providing quality care and customer service in a fun, educational environment!

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s teeth, or want to make an appointment for your child’s routine dental cleaning and checkup, please call (214) 618-5200 during our office hours and our team will be happy to assist you.

👉 Before you arrive for an appointment, please read our New Office Procedures and complete our COVID-19 Screening Form. Also review these procedures with your child(ren), so they are prepared too.

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