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Brushing Motivational Charts

Motivating your child to brush their teeth and establish good dental hygiene habits at an early age is very important! These are the habits that your children will keep with them for the rest of their lives so getting them excited about the simple task of brushing and flossing is essential. The following are some tips on how to get your children to enjoy brushing their teeth and to get them in the routine of proper dental hygiene:

  • Make it fun! Turn teeth brushing into a game
  • Let your children pick out their favorite color or character toothbrush
  • Let them pick out their favorite flavor toothpaste. Most children are not fans of the traditional mint flavors but there are numerous fun flavors on the market today
  • Make it a family event. Have everyone in the family brush their teeth together
  • Create a fun song to sing while brushing your teeth together
  • Pick up some of the fun colored flossers for your children to use
  • Use a chart to keep track of their teeth brushing progress. Every time they brush their teeth place a sticker on their chart. Once they fill their chart reward your child with going to their favorite restaurant, allowing them to stay up and extra 30 minutes on Saturday night, or let them invite one of their friends over.
  • Remember children follow by example so be sure that you are sticking to a good dental hygiene routine as well!

Download our weekly motivational brushing chart for younger kids >

Download our monthly motivational brushing chart for older kids >

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