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Benefits of Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

The benefits of pediatric sedation dentistry allow a child who may be unable, unwilling, or afraid to have necessary dental treatment to undergo the procedure without feeling fear, stress, anxiety, or pain. While we offer an extremely child-friendly environment at Frisco Kids Dentistry, there are times when dental sedation may be the best alternative in order to provide the most pleasant experience possible for your child. Because there are different levels of pediatric sedation services, your dentist can utilize sedation for various types of dental treatment in a safe and effective manner suitable to your child’s needs.

Benefits of pediatric sedation dentistry include:

Benefits of Pediatric Sedation Dentistry at Frisco kids Dentistry

  • Overcoming/avoiding dental phobias by relaxing and calming patient
  • Enhanced treatment quality (especially for children who have difficulty sitting still)
  • Ability to perform more treatment in less time
  • Cost effective
  • Allows special needs patients and those with certain medical conditions to have comprehensive treatment
  • Little to no memory of treatment

Overcoming/Avoiding Dental Phobias in Children

If your child is fearful of having a dental procedure, rest assured that he/she is not alone. In fact, the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation reports that 75% of adults have mild to severe anxiety concerning dental appointments, with 30% avoiding dental visits altogether.

One of sedation dentistry’s greatest benefits is that it relaxes and calms the patient. A child undergoing a dental procedure who feels relaxed rather than fearful will usually experience little to no anxiety at future visits and be far less likely to develop a lifelong dental phobia that can have serious consequences to their dental health as an adult. Research show that adults with dental phobias often neglect having regular dental check-ups and suffer from considerably more dental problems because of needlessly avoiding the dentist.

Enhanced Treatment Quality with Sedation Dentistry

In addition to the psychological benefits, the relaxation of the patient during dental sedation also allows your pediatric dentist to perform the dental procedure without interruption or resistance. Some children may reflexively move or pull back during certain aspects of treatment which can cause delays in the procedure. For some young children, sitting still for a lengthy time is extremely difficult. While your dentist is used to accommodating such movements, dental sedation allows the treatment to be completed quickly, efficiently, and uninterrupted.

For children who have a sensitive gag reflex, sedation dentistry can help diminish the sensation of choking or the urge to throw up. Controlling the gag reflex not only makes the patient more comfortable, but helps the dentist perform your child’s procedure smoothly and safely.

More Treatment in Less Time with Sedation Dentistry

For children who need more lengthy, complex, or multiple treatments, sedation dentistry can save both time and money by allowing the dentist to work longer without the patient becoming uncomfortable. It is not unusual for a child’s dental treatment to take more than one procedure due to:

  • Patient tolerance level
  • Length of treatment
  • Anxiety of patient
  • Child’s inability to comfortably keep mouth open

With moderate (conscious) sedation or deep iv sedation, your dentist can accomplish several procedures in one appointment and your child will feel as if little time has passed, having felt no pain, discomfort, or anxiety.

Cost Effective Dental Sedation

When your dentist is able to complete your child’s treatment in less appointments, the cost for you is minimized. While dental sedation may not always be covered by a patient’s insurance company, it can still ultimately save money because the lengthy treatments can be performed in a single dental appointment rather than multiple visits.

For children undergoing less complex procedures, minimal sedation is relatively inexpensive, and the benefits typically outweigh any additional costs. If your child is experiencing anxiety over his/her upcoming dental appointment, be sure to inquire about our pediatric sedation services.

Dental Sedation for Special Needs and Medically Compromised Children

Some children have difficulty holding still during a dental procedure due to emotional, physical, or behavioral disorders. Dental sedation is ideal for children with special needs because the procedure can be done faster and be more comfortable for the patient.

Sedation dentistry also makes the treatment easier for the dentist to perform, especially if the patient is uncooperative or doesn’t fully understand what to expect. In some instances, even a comprehensive oral exam cannot be completed while a patient is fully awake, so dental sedation can be utilized in order to provide necessary routine dental care.

Little Memory of Treatment

With moderate (conscious/oral sedation) or deep IV sedation, most patients have little or no memory of the dental procedure itself. This amnesia allows the patient to feel as if only a few minutes have passed when, in reality, the treatment may have taken several hours.

For children with dental anxiety, sedation can not only make them comfortable and relaxed, but erase any fearful feelings that may have been experienced, especially during more complex treatments. Not remembering the dental procedure can also be helpful in overcoming dental phobias.

Benefits of Deep IV Sedation

For lengthy or complex treatments, we offer dental office sedation with pediatric anesthesiologists in order to ensure your child’s comfort and safety.

Benefits of IV sedation dentistry include:

  • Higher sedation level than oral or inhaled sedation methods
  • Dosage can be adjusted quickly and easily during your child’s procedure
  • Fast acting
  • Short recovery due to controlled dosage
  • Patient remains conscious
  • Good alternative to general anesthesia

Pediatric sedation dentistry is a method of helping your child reduce dental fears and feel relaxed during his/her procedure. If you are interested in utilizing dental sedation for your child’s next dental treatment or would like to find out if your child can benefit from sedation dentistry, contact our office by Online Appointment Request or call 214 618 5200.

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