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Pediatric Dental Services

Drs. Rubin, Sentelle, and Ashley are committed to providing a great pediatric dental experience by utilizing the latest advancements in dental technology and materials, maintaining safety regulations and certifications, while providing a child-friendly dental center environment. Here is a list of some of the dental care services we offer:

Dental Restorations

Pediatric Sedation Services

Sedation Services at Lonestar Kid’s Dentistry offers multiple forms of treatments to make our patients feel comfortable and safe. Learn more about the benefits of pediatric sedation dentistry.

Listed below are our different levels of Pediatric Sedation Services:

1 Minimal Sedation: Your child is awake but relaxed by breathing “laughing gas” (nitrous oxide)
2 Moderate Sedation (Conscious Sedation): Your child may feel sleepy, slur their words and not remember anything for a short period of time (amnesia).
3 Deep IV Sedation: A physician pediatric anesthesiologist, same as the medical doctor in a operating room hospital, will sedate your child to the edge of consciousness but can still be awakened.
4 General Anesthesia (Hospital Operating Room): A physician pediatric anesthesiologist will provide complete unconsciousness.

Emergency Dental Care

  • Tooth pain
  • Traumatic dental injuries
  • Swellings/abscesses
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