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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you take my insurance?
We file all PPO insurance. We are not In-Network with any insurance. We do have a lot of patients that come here with their insurance. Depending on the type of insurance you have, that will determine if you pay a portion or not. Your portion will be the difference between the insurance fee schedule and our fee schedule. We will also take patients without insurance, and we provide a 10% discount if they pay in cash.

My insurance has changed. What do I need to do?
If you have a change in insurance, please complete our Insurance and Responsible Party Information form and email or fax back to us at 214-618-5201 no later than 48 hours prior to your child’s appointment. This will ensure adequate time to verify your new benefits, otherwise you may be asked to pay for services up front.

Why should my child see a pediatric dentist instead of a general dentist?
General dentist are not trained in treating children in depth like pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentist attend 2 more years of dental school to be a pediatric dentist. Just like you wouldn’t bring your child to an internist instead of a pediatrician.

Why do baby teeth need to be fixed, they are going to fall out anyways?
When baby teeth have decay, it is still an infection in the body and this can infect other areas in their body. It can also spread to other teeth, even their permanent teeth growing above it. Even if the cavity doesn’t hurt, it can start to hurt and sometimes it’s too late to fix and we will need to take the tooth out and loose space for the permanent tooth.

My child is so little, how will you do a New Patient exam or cleaning on them?
It is important for your child to come in for their first visit at 1 year for the doctors to take a look in their mouth to catch anything early and to discuss oral health with the parent. Prevention is very important in our practice, if we wait for the child to cooperative fully, it could be too late to catch some things. Kids can get decay as early as 2 years old. Diet is a major reason for decay, not from candy and sweets, decay can be caused from milk, breast milk, and carb snacks like goldfish. Our office is okay with children that don’t want to lay down or cooperate. We understand that they are young. We will have the parent hold them and we will take our time and discuss oral hygiene with the parent and do an oral exam to see clinically as much as we can. When the child comes at an early age it also gets the child used to coming to dentist and they will be more comfortable as they get older.

Do you take x-rays and are they safe for children?
We do take digital x-rays – they are 70% less in radiation than regular x-rays.

Are parents allowed in the back with their children for their visits?
Yes, parents are always allowed in the back with their children. They don’t have to come in the back during their visit if they would prefer to stay in waiting room. We have an open door policy and parents are always welcomed in the clinical area.

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