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Dallas Child Mom Approved Dentist – Paul I. Rubin, D.D.S.

It is that time of the year again to submit your nominations for Mom-Approved Dentist. Please visit Nominate Dr. Paul Rubin for Mom-Approved Pediatric Dentist!


A Mom-Approved Doctor is a doctor who has earned the trust, admiration and respect of parents. Local parents reached out to our magazine, recommended Dr. Rubin and told us why. Whether it’s bedside manner, flexibility or professional acumen, moms love him and want to recommend him to other moms.


Each year various publications come out with lists ranking area doctors. Mom-Approved Doctors are special because they’ve been nominated by the consumer – moms like you. Moms who love their kids and care about their health. Dr. Rubin didn’t make it onto our list by purchasing space in the magazine, and their inclusion doesn’t imply an endorsement by DFWChild. This is a “parent-to-parent” referral list. Read some “Mom Approved” reviews for Dr. Rubin:

Exceptional chairside manner. Flexible hours and great location.

-Shannon, McKinney

I like how they take the kids back by themselves while the parent waits in the waiting room. Then the parent is called back to talk to Dr. Rubin. He listens, cares, and has just a warm heart. My 9 year old has mild autism, he specializes in special needs kids. My son has been going for a few years, and it’s just nice knowing he has someone he doesn’t mind seeing.

-Wendy, Frisco

Dr. Rubin and his staff make parents feel welcome but are solely concerned about the child’s experience.


Dr. Paul Rubin as an amazing dentist. He has three children of his own so he really understands how to work with children. His staff is great, too, and they make sure he is always on time! His office is filled with the latest toys and technology. Kids enjoy playing Ms. Pacman and other video games while waiting for cleanings, and during cleanings they watch movies that are on screens on the ceiling! How cool! We live in the Dallas area and drive to Frisco to see Dr. Rubin. That’s how much we love our dentist!


Sunday July 21st, our 8-year-old daughter knocked her two front teeth out – yes, both permanent teeth. My husband paged the on-call dentist, which was Dr. Rubin. He was wonderful in assessing the situation over the phone, reviewing pictures, etc. He advised us to look for the teeth fragments and preserve in milk over night, which we did. When we followed up with our pediatric dentist the next morning, we were sad she was on vacation, and shocked that not one of the other three D.D.S in her practice were in the office. They referred us to Dr. Rubin. He was able to get us in and restore both our daughter’s teeth. Worth the 30 minute drive from Flower Mound to Frisco!

–Tami, Flower Mound

Dr. Rubin has provided excellent care to my children. Kind, caring, open for questions and concerns. Excellent office. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others.

–Julie, Plano

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