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Tooth Fairy celebrates National Dental Health Month

Community outreach has always been a big part of the Frisco Kid’s Dentistry philosophy. Dr. Rubin and his staff feel that being part of the community and sharing our knowledge is so important. Our goal inside and outside of the office is prevention. In an effort to spread the word about the importance of good dental health, we have created programs to share information with children throughout the area. From the inception of the practice in 2002, Dr. Rubin began doing speaking engagements to school age children. In 2005, Dr. Rubin invited the “Tooth Fairy” to join him in sharing this important information.

Every year in February, the “Tooth Fairy” celebrates National Dental Health Month by visiting with preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade children. She visits many schools in Frisco, McKinney, Plano and Dallas and speaks to over 5000 children about dental health, dental development and nutrition. The presentation is interactive and entertaining while teaching the children about the importance of caring for their teeth for a lifetime.

The “Tooth Fairy” also makes an appearance at the Frisco Kid’s Dentistry annual patient appreciation party, “Boo Bash” in October.

Together, Dr. Rubin and the “Tooth Fairy” have spoken to over 30,000 children about dental health.   We are so excited that the number grows larger and larger every year with the profound growth of the area. We look forward to helping parents and children to learn the value of good dental health in hopes of lessening the epidemic of childhood decay.

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