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Back-to-School Dental Check-up Time!

Getting kids school-ready

August is just round the corner and that means school bells will be ringing before you know it! While the initial start of school looks a bit different this year, with many schools starting online the first few weeks, it’s still an important time to get your kids school-ready… including their teeth! Did you know that dental issues cause children to miss more than 51 million school hours each year? So an ounce of prevention is key to avoid unnecessary pain, trouble eating, difficulty speaking and future school absences.

The COVID-Slide Impact

Beware, the “COVID-slide” may impact more than just your child’s education in 2020! With many kids at home since Spring Break, families admit it’s been a challenge to keep eating, snacking and brushing routines consistent. Could that be a recipe for cavities? A professional dental cleaning will certainly remove more of those cavity-causing bacteria, plus any stains, from your child’s teeth to help keep their gums and smile healthy!

To ensure cavity-free checkups, Frisco Kid’s Dentistry provides several age-appropriate motivational brushing charts that parents can incorporate into their daily routines. Also check out our snacking guide and positive incentives to help reinforce healthy dental habits throughout childhood and into the teen years.

If it’s been a while since your child’s last cleaning, don’t let that appointment “slide” further on your calendar! Carve out some time to schedule a routine teeth cleaning and exam in the coming weeks by filling out our Online Appointment Request. In addition to keeping those pearly whites clean, as kids grow and develop, it’s important to monitor their jaw, tooth roots and teeth position. So as part of our exam, we look at the big picture to make sure your child’s teeth are lining up correctly, their bite is in good shape and keep an eye out for potential orthodontic-related issues that might show up later.

New Office Procedures

For those of you who haven’t been back since the Coronavirus closures, rest assured, patient and staff safety remain a top priority in our office! We’ve implemented new safety procedures you and your child will want to be aware of:

  • Anyone entering our office must be wearing a mask or face covering.
  • We continue to limit and stagger the number of patients to help minimize personal contact and wait times.
  • We have curbside check-in and waiting (one parent may accompany a child under age 6).
  • We require parents/patients to fill out a COVID-19 health screening, stop at the front desk to take temperature, and use hand sanitizer before being escorted to the back.
  • We’ve installed medical grade privacy screens between our hygiene chairs to help maintain social distancing.
  • Our High Vacuum Evacuation (HVE) lines are especially made to remove aerosols to help make visits cleaner and safer.
  • We will be wearing extra PPE ourselves and washing, changing equipment between patients.

Additional Considerations to Discuss during the Check-up

If your school-aged child is between 6-12 years, ask if sealants might be recommended for their back molars. A sealant is a thin, preventative coating that’s placed on the chewing surfaces of permanent back teeth to keep cavity-causing bacteria from settling in those nooks and crannies where toothbrushes have a hard time reaching. Having sealants on permanent molars reduces the risk of cavities by 80%!

If your child plays sports, either for a club or school, a mouthguard should be considered. If your child already has one, bring it with you during your cleaning appointment to make sure it still fits and have one of our dentists check for wear and tear. As children grow and loose teeth, they’ll likely need to get their mouthguard redone.

Speaking of sports, we all know accidents happen! Please make sure you, and your child, have our office phone number: 214-618-5200 saved in your phone’s contact list should a dental accident occur during a sporting event.

Start the School Year Right!

Get ready to send your child off to school with a new backpack, new pencils, new notebooks, and a healthy smile! If you would like to schedule your child’s next dental cleaning appointment, or if you have concerns about your child’s oral hygiene, contact our office by Online Appointment Request or call 214 618 5200 for an exam.

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