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2020 DFWChild’s Mom-Approved Winners

Congratulations to both Dr. Paul Rubin and Dr. David Sentelle for being voted “Mom-Approved Pediatric Dentists” again for 2020! A sincere “Thank You” to all the parents, grandparents and caregivers that voted. We appreciate your trust and support!

What does it mean to be “Mom-Approved”?
Trust. Admiration. Respect. These are words that all parents look for when recommending a doctor, especially for their children. Each year, DFWChild magazine allows people around the metroplex to nominate and rank pediatric dentists and tell why they’re special. This is a “parent-to-parent” referral list, not something you buy your way into. Mom-Approved Doctors are special because they’ve been nominated by the consumer – parents and caregivers who love their kids and care about their health! As an added measure, doctors are also certified that they are good standing with the Texas Medical Board. Drs. Rubin and Sentelle once again received outstanding reviews and came highly recommended!

Pediatric Dentist Frisco Kids Dentistry - mom approved 2020
Pediatric Dentist Frisco Kids Dentistry - dfw child mom approved 2020
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